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February, 2012

  1. wiksten tank dress

    February 13, 2012 by Megan Home Front

    So there is this wicked virus traveling around this wee rock we live on.
    It comes complete with awful congestion and a cough that keeps you up all night.
    Bonus: we’ve had it for 2 weeks and there is no end in sight!

    So now that I can kind of breath, {emphasis on kind of} I finally got around to taking photos of my Wiksten Tank dress.
    {i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but i ♥ wiksten patterns}

    To accommodate the growing baby bump, (and all other lady lumps that are need accommodation) I sewed it up a size.
    Actually, I’m between sizes in Wiksten patterns, so I rounded up a size and then sewed a full size bigger.
    Right now it’s a little tent-like but oh-so-comfy.
    I wore it to church last Sunday belted above the bump and it was per-fect!

    I also got to use some fabric I have been hoarding.
    I have a wee small collection of select prints in the Moda Etchings line by 3 Sisters.
    Specifically all the script, map, and architectural prints.
    I took a page out of Karyn’s book and sewed it in a map print and pattern matched my pocket.
    Instead of bias binding the neck hole and arm hole facings I decided to use some cording to add a visual pop.
    I wish had used bias tape for a prettier hem finish but I didn’t have any and barely squeezed this dress out of the 2 yards of fabric I had on hand.
    The hem and I did not get along, not one bit.

    If you look closely you can barely see the pocket above the word ‘Front’ in my watermark.

    I love how it turned out and it will be so easy to wear in Hawaii or layer when it gets cold.
    I plan on taking it in at the side seams after baby has arrived.

    :::Apologies for those who anticipated seeing a photo of me in my maternity clothes.:::
    My Soldier/Live-in-photographer is down range at the moment.

  2. maternity patterns

    February 7, 2012 by Megan Home Front

    So since the world of off the rack maternity clothes is either out of season for Hawaii or out of price range for my wallet I have decided to make some pieces.

    I raided my pattern collection {something i ♥ doing} and pulled several that will work.
    I have a few actual maternity patterns.
    Oddly enough they are all vintage patterns.
    I do have plans to sew a couple of Megan Nielsen’s maternity patterns later on down the road.
    The rest of the patterns are just normal patterns that I can make minor adjustments to and make them work for my baby bump.

    Apologies for the excessive photos.
    Proceed with caution.

    Wiksten Tank Dress
    {i actually already have this sewn up! i’ll share later this week}

    Simplicity 9427
    I’ll probably make version 3 and belt it.

    McCall’s 5921

    Simplicity 8125
    This actually isn’t a maternity pattern but I think with some minor adjustments it could work.

    Simplicity 6672
    Again, not maternity but could easily make it work.
    {tell me that anytime someone says “make it work” you hear it in Tim Gunn’s voice}

    New Look 6871

    McCall’s 6265

    Simplicity 3778

    McCall’s 6031

    McCall’s 5388

    Vogue 8380

    Butterick 5495

    Simplicity 2147

    I also pulled one of my Japanese pattern books.
    This is Stylish Dress Book and it’s full of nice drapey/roomy dresses and tunics.

    Yes, I totally realize that’s a lot.
    I don’t foresee myself sewing 14 garments before this baby is due because I have lots of other responsibilities like parenting Army Brats and puking.
    Ok, puking is not a responsibility but it feels like one with the regularity that it happens.
    So I’ll pull from  this stack of patterns as inspiration and fabric availability hits.
    I’ll update you on my progress!

  3. c’est la vie

    February 2, 2012 by Megan Home Front

    Anything that can go wrong, typically will go wrong, and all in the 1st month of deployment.
    At least that’s our experience.
    Last deployment I had house issues, illness and a kid with a broken arm all within a few weeks of My Soldier leaving.
    This deployment seems to be no different.
    {and i have the added bonus of being pregnant}
    Blackouts, issues with financial institutions, tax issues, illness and now a broken car.
    And he’s only been gone 2.5 weeks!!

    It’s one of those pull up you big girl panties and figure it out situations.
    If taking your husband away to a war zone doesn’t make you drop to your knees at the foot of God then the ridiculous deployment scenarios will.
    It’s enough to make you laugh, and when your hormones are raging that humorless laugh quickly turns to tears.

    Vehicles are the one area where I get panicky when My Soldier is away.
    Honestly, My Helper breaking her arm last deployment was way less stressful than any car issue you could throw at me.
    And My Soldier, {bless his ♥} went through a terrible amount of trouble to make sure I wouldn’t have any car issues once he left.
    Ah, C’est la vie!
    Such is life…particularly this Army life.
    Time time hike my britches and figure out how to fix a car….
    Happy Thursday!

  4. glad that month is over…

    February 1, 2012 by Megan Home Front

    Good gracious January was hard!
    I’m hoping that February will bring happier days.
    If those days happen to be laced with good sleep and lots of productivity that would be a bonus.

    I don’t know what it is about the 3rd baby but my body seems to be embracing the beached whale stage a bit prematurely.
    And boy am I am excited to be pregnant in a state where people treat clothing with less is more attitude.
    I’ve been itching to sit down at my sewing machine and I might just need to do so to make a few maternity tops.
    We’ll see.
    Currently all the maternity clothes available in stores here are for winter.
    Not a Hawaiian winter but a Minnesotan winter.
    {nothing like a whole bunch of tent-like wool clothing to get you jazzed about a baby bump}
    At this point sewing myself maternity clothes is really my best bet.
    {that means of course that i get to shop for new fabric. yay!}

    I wouldn’t say we are completely settled into our new normal but we’re making strides.
    My kiddos are earning the Army Brat title currently by pushing all the boundaries.
    I ran out of patience about 2 minutes after My Soldier left,
    so I wouldn’t say we’re thriving at this point.

    I just realized it’s Wednesday so I’m off to put the recycling out.
    Pregnancy and deployment both render me totally forgetful.
    I’m actually excited I figured out what day it was before lunch!
    {three cheers for small victories!}

    Happy Wednesday!