c’est la vie

Anything that can go wrong, typically will go wrong, and all in the 1st month of deployment.
At least that’s our experience.
Last deployment I had house issues, illness and a kid with a broken arm all within a few weeks of My Soldier leaving.
This deployment seems to be no different.
{and i have the added bonus of being pregnant}
Blackouts, issues with financial institutions, tax issues, illness and now a broken car.
And he’s only been gone 2.5 weeks!!

It’s one of those pull up you big girl panties and figure it out situations.
If taking your husband away to a war zone doesn’t make you drop to your knees at the foot of God then the ridiculous deployment scenarios will.
It’s enough to make you laugh, and when your hormones are raging that humorless laugh quickly turns to tears.

Vehicles are the one area where I get panicky when My Soldier is away.
Honestly, My Helper breaking her arm last deployment was way less stressful than any car issue you could throw at me.
And My Soldier, {bless his ♥} went through a terrible amount of trouble to make sure I wouldn’t have any car issues once he left.
Ah, C’est la vie!
Such is life…particularly this Army life.
Time time hike my britches and figure out how to fix a car….
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your Soldier
    02.6.2012 at 07:54

    Thanks for the “bless his heart.” Sorry about the car. At least now it should be good for a while.

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