glad that month is over…

Good gracious January was hard!
I’m hoping that February will bring happier days.
If those days happen to be laced with good sleep and lots of productivity that would be a bonus.

I don’t know what it is about the 3rd baby but my body seems to be embracing the beached whale stage a bit prematurely.
And boy am I am excited to be pregnant in a state where people treat clothing with less is more attitude.
I’ve been itching to sit down at my sewing machine and I might just need to do so to make a few maternity tops.
We’ll see.
Currently all the maternity clothes available in stores here are for winter.
Not a Hawaiian winter but a Minnesotan winter.
{nothing like a whole bunch of tent-like wool clothing to get you jazzed about a baby bump}
At this point sewing myself maternity clothes is really my best bet.
{that means of course that i get to shop for new fabric. yay!}

I wouldn’t say we are completely settled into our new normal but we’re making strides.
My kiddos are earning the Army Brat title currently by pushing all the boundaries.
I ran out of patience about 2 minutes after My Soldier left,
so I wouldn’t say we’re thriving at this point.

I just realized it’s Wednesday so I’m off to put the recycling out.
Pregnancy and deployment both render me totally forgetful.
I’m actually excited I figured out what day it was before lunch!
{three cheers for small victories!}

Happy Wednesday!