wiksten tank dress

So there is this wicked virus traveling around this wee rock we live on.
It comes complete with awful congestion and a cough that keeps you up all night.
Bonus: we’ve had it for 2 weeks and there is no end in sight!

So now that I can kind of breath, {emphasis on kind of} I finally got around to taking photos of my Wiksten Tank dress.
{i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but i ♥ wiksten patterns}

To accommodate the growing baby bump, (and all other lady lumps that are need accommodation) I sewed it up a size.
Actually, I’m between sizes in Wiksten patterns, so I rounded up a size and then sewed a full size bigger.
Right now it’s a little tent-like but oh-so-comfy.
I wore it to church last Sunday belted above the bump and it was per-fect!

I also got to use some fabric I have been hoarding.
I have a wee small collection of select prints in the Moda Etchings line by 3 Sisters.
Specifically all the script, map, and architectural prints.
I took a page out of Karyn’s book and sewed it in a map print and pattern matched my pocket.
Instead of bias binding the neck hole and arm hole facings I decided to use some cording to add a visual pop.
I wish had used bias tape for a prettier hem finish but I didn’t have any and barely squeezed this dress out of the 2 yards of fabric I had on hand.
The hem and I did not get along, not one bit.

If you look closely you can barely see the pocket above the word ‘Front’ in my watermark.

I love how it turned out and it will be so easy to wear in Hawaii or layer when it gets cold.
I plan on taking it in at the side seams after baby has arrived.

:::Apologies for those who anticipated seeing a photo of me in my maternity clothes.:::
My Soldier/Live-in-photographer is down range at the moment.

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  1. 02.14.2012 at 04:24

    this is lovely! what a great idea to use cording to finish. it’s perfect.

  2. Your Soldier
    02.14.2012 at 06:02

    Sorry about the Army taking your photographer away. Maybe you can get the Helper to take a photo.

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