First, An Apology

First off, many many apologies for my 2 month absence {2 months! i’m a terrible person}.

In case you were curious about the unexpected disappearance (and even if you weren’t curious) here’s the low down.

The 2nd month of deployment sucks.
Like sink into a wee bit of a depression it was so low. That on top of growing this wee small child in my belly made February pretty unbearable. To make matters worse, My Soldier was not accepted into flight school in January and we were more than a bit devastated.  So, spur of the moment, I decide to get off of this rock I live on in the middle of the Pacific and spend over a month in Seattle with my parents.


So whilst crashing with my parents, I visited with a slew of fabulous people whom I love, and I took a lot of time to rest.
{i also took a lot of time debating over a new pair of warby parker glasses}
Praise God Almighty for that month.

While we were in Seattle My Soldier’s flight school packet (read Army school application) went before the flight board….again. I was pretty pessimistic and  already thinking through our back up plan and our back up to the back up plan.
One morning he woke me up ALARMINGLY early {and yes, when your husband is deployed you sleep with your phone}. This could only be one of two things, either he was injured in the line of duty {knock on wood and throw some salt over your shoulder}, or he was accepted into flight school. Well he wasn’t injured and the smile on his face spelled things out pretty clearly even though I hadn’t exactly woken up yet.

Have you ever prayed for something for 3 years? Prayed for it and worked your butt off for it?
My Soldier has been working towards flight school since he sat down with his recruiter over 3 years ago.
We have watched God move faithfully the entire time.
He was going to be a helicopter pilot and all praise goes to God for that truth!

While we were still just excited that he got in we got his school date in record time.
And BAM!!
All of the sudden a move we had anticipated for late fall was happening at the end of May.
{the end of may! as in less than 2 months away}

So here I am, back on island.
Still crazy sick, still missing my husband, kids that are channeling Chucky and The Bride of Chucky, and a PCS to plan for.
{three cheers for chaos!}
But My Soldier is coming home soon and I’m SUPER excited about that.

So that’s where I stand.
I’m currently evaluating every single possession we own and debating if we should move it or purge it.
We also are trying to spend as much time with people as we can before we leave Hawaii for southern Alabama.

I’m immediately writing a post on the Darling Ranges dress I finished in Seattle.
{2 posts in one day!}

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  1. Christie
    04.19.2012 at 12:17

    Congrats to you and Soldier! But sorry to hear you are leaving. I wish I were going to hot sticky southern Alabama this summer. Oh wait! I am! But only for a visit in June. :)

  2. 04.25.2012 at 12:32

    yay! you blogged! yippee!

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