he’s home!!!

{pardon my gratuitous exclamation point usage}


{ok, i’m done}


After what seems like the world’s longest and simultaneously shortest deployment My Soldier is home from The Afghanistan!
{cue the hallelujah chorus}
We picked him up yesterday and I have spent the last 18 hours reveling in the fact that our family feels whole again.
This super short deployment was WAY harder than his deployment to The Iraq which was 3 times as long.
I don’t wish pregnancy and a deployment on anyone, not even my worst enemy.
I’m glad that this short season is over and we are already knee deep in the chaos leading up to our PCS.

My friend Amy played paparazzi at the airport yesterday and I’ll post those pictures soon.
Sadly I have inherited a head cold likely from Melanie & Co. {curse this cold Mel!}, but hopefully it won’t keep me down for long.


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  1. Melanie
    05.2.2012 at 21:18

    doh! It’s the worst and not that bad at the same time which is annoying.

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