wiksten tova maternity style

See! I told you was sewing a maternity wardrobe!
This is the Wiksten Tova dress pattern that I put the simplest of maternity alterations into.
It actually doesn’t look like the pattern has been altered at all which I love!

I cut my normal size but before I cut the front piece I added 1.5″ to middle fold.
{yeesh, how can it be so difficult to explain something that was so easy?}
The front portion of the pattern is cut on the fold.
Before I cut the fabric I shifted the pattern over 1.5″ and then proceeded to cut normally.
:::see picture above:::
Because the pattern is drafted to be straight at the bottom of the yoke and the center of the hem that is the only alteration I needed to make.
It adds a full 3″ of fabric to the front of the garment to cover the bump.
When it calls for you to gather this section of the garment I just did some extra gathering to make sure it lined up with the yoke.
{hopefully the picture helps with that abysmal description}

Here’s a close up of the extra gathers and the yoke section.
You can also see the lovely woven fabric I used for the dress which I bought at JoAnn’s 2+ years ago.
{and yes, i have been known to hoard fabric for that long}

Oddly enough, my favorite part of the Tova tunic/dress {besides wearing it} is hand sewing the inside of the collar.
Something about hand-finishing a garment makes it that much more enjoyable to wear.

I’m off to take a nap, because I’m sick, pregnant, My Soldier is home…and I can!