grab a tissue

So My Soldier has been home for a week.
You should all be jealous because that means My Helper, The Cadet and I have been spoiled rotten for a week.
Thus far reintegration has been overshadowed by the chaos of PCSing {which thus far isn’t going well}.

I mentioned last week that our friend Amy of Amy Copeland Photo took pictures at the airport when My Soldier arrived.
{smartest move in documenting our lives i’ve ever made. mad props to myself}
Here are the photos from his arrival.
:::WARNING: Thus far these photos have caused more tears than a Hallmark commercial:::

There’s My Helper and her sign.
She was a huge fan of holding a sign.

Here’s The Cadet.
He was less of a fan of holding his sign.

:::Prepare for the waterworks:::

Side note: notice the reaction the the people in the background.

It was at this point that the earth settle back on it’s axis and all was at peace again.
{that boy makes my ♥ happy}

Many many thanks to Amy for sharing her gift with us so we could capture these moments!

We’re off to deal with more PCSing logistics.
Happy Tuesday!

  4 comments for “grab a tissue

  1. Christian
    05.3.2012 at 09:37

    Amazing, amazing photos…
    Thanks for sharing! So happy that you’re all back together for a while.
    dr_ummer, you rock! We’re so proud of you, and excited for what’s next!

  2. Tash
    05.7.2012 at 08:08

    Foolish me! I looked at this post while my kids were working on an assignment and now they’re looking at me wondering why their crazy teacher is crying and smiling at the same time! :) Love the pix, Meg, and I am so glad that your man is home with ya’ll! <3

  3. Chesed
    05.7.2012 at 08:24

    Tash sent me the link (she keeps me updated on you). I’m like… me heart of stone… I won’t cry. Not true, totally cried. So glad you are so loved! Your kids are beautiful! So are you : )


  4. Chesed
    05.7.2012 at 10:12

    (I meant)…my heart of stone…

    LOL. I just started my pronoun unit with my students and I have written 3 improper pronouns since. Maybe I need the unit more than they do.

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