last call

I went to my 1st Memorial Service for a fallen soldier yesterday.
Except this time is was for 4 fallen soldiers.
I didn’t even know these men and yet I wept during the service.
I was one of the few in a room of a LOT of women who could squeeze my soldier’s hand for comfort.
The bulk of the women in the room have husbands that are still deployed in Afghanistan.
Husbands that are still in danger on a daily basis.
They sat there internally thanking God that it wasn’t their soldier while watching the tears of wives who’s soldiers will never come home.
I totally understand where they were coming from, these were other aviators in a scenario that could have easily included any of our soldiers, mine included.
It hurts to think about it too much.

At the end of a Military Funeral or Memorial Service they do a last call.
They call to ranks other soldiers in attendance and then call to rank the fallen soldier.
They call this solder 3 times.
It was heart wrenching.
At the very end of the service, after they play taps, the soldiers in attendance file by and salute their fallen comrade.
It was so humbling to watch as Generals and Colonels all the way down to Privates stood and saluted these men.
As ho-hum as this Army life can seem at times there is a reality and a gravity to it that can’t be escaped.
Yes this is a part of our lives, but each loss is painfully felt.

It’s not the first time I’ve said it and it will not be the last, I don’t know how anyone does this Army life without Jesus.

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