sorting my life

This is my life right now.
Sorting, purging, sorting, and a bit more purging.
This is actually a picture of My Soldier attempting to sort his professional gear into one area of the house.
{pro gear doesn’t count towards our weight allowance, so if you walk into our front door right now it looks like a hunting lodge}
The boxes are actually just place holders.
Our packers will pack everything, right now we just use them as receptacles to sort everything.
I feel surgically attached to my iPhone right now because all of my various PCS-related lists reside there.
It’s not uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night an add something to the list.

We actually have no clue when our movers will arrive.
My Soldier hasn’t received paper orders yet.
For you non-military folk that likely doesn’t mean much, but by comparison, most soldiers receive their paper orders 3-4 months before they leave, we’re supposed to be leaving in less than 4 weeks.
{praise Jesus i’m not an anxious person. i do get a cheap thrill when my anxiety prone friends get a panicked look on their faces when they think through our current timeline}

Currently I’m trying to sort our lives into various categories.
This absorbs my days.
{when i’m not hunched over the toilet losing my lunch}
I’m off to sort, purge, sort, and purge.