We are less than a week away from the packers {not the green bay variety but equally large hawaiian and samoan men} arriving to pack our house.
I’m dragging my feet on SO many tasks because it’s the exact opposite of what I want to be doing.

I’ve got that 3rd trimester nesting instinct.
It seems to be heightened by the assumption that this is our last biological baby.
{we want to adopt in a real bad way but this army life complicates that a wee bit}
Instead of taking down photos from the walls I want to be adding new ones.
It’s all so much worse because our belongings aren’t due to arrive in ‘Bama till after Army Brat #3 arrives.
Bye bye nesting instinct, hello newborn + sleep deprivation.
I’d be totally content nesting in a new house in ‘Bama but the timing is all off.
{i feel a bit like a petulant teenager who is throwing a toddler-esque tantrum}
I have turned something that is a normal part of this Army life into an internal battle with no winner.

My Soldier has been UBER gracious and stepped in areas where I can’t hack it and let me be OCD in areas that shouldn’t really matter.
He’s a hurricane of productivity right now.
What I see as chaos always results in order and I am so thankful that he can pull this off.

Today I actually have energy!
It could be due to the 12 hours of sleep I got plus begging My Soldier to pray for my strength as he kissed me goodbye at o’ dark-thirty this morning.
I’m begrudgingly plowing through my To Do list while drowning my sorrows in iced coffee and See’s Candy.

I have more un-nesting I need to accomplish, I just needed to vent to the vast Interwebs.

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