our new army brat

So it’s been 2.5 months.
I’ve completely ignored the blogosphere for 2.5 months.
I’d apologize, but it was necessary.
Here’s the Reader’s Digest version…

At the end of May we packed up and packed out.
We then spent a week-ish in a less-than-4-star Army hotel.
On June 2nd we boarded a plane with my super sick 32-week pregnant self and flew to Atlanta.
While in HotLanta {which no joke, was ridiculously hot} we spent a month with My Soldier’s parents.
It was a good month and a bad month.
My kids LOVED every minute of our time there.
Me? Not-so-much.
I was still very pregnant and got super sick so I spent 2 straight weeks in bed puking.
After some less-than-favorable Army logistics relating to my medical care, we finally got housing and doctors lined up for us at Ft. Rucker in Alabama.
On Monday July 2nd we drove from HotLanta down to Rucker straight to my first OB appointment.
My new OB who I had know for all of 10 minutes informed me that I needed to deliver that following Thursday.
We then drove with that bit of information to Ft. Rucker where we were issued a brand new Army house.
{bonus: this one has beige walls instead of white}
We then spent a few days crashed on blow-up mattresses laughing about this ridiculous PCS has been.

On Thursday July 5th The Peanut was born.
He weighed in at a tiny 7lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long.
My c-section went well and The Peanut was healthy and despite the awful end to this pregnancy all was right in the world.

We’re all really smitten and thanking The Lord that he’s here.
He’s the world’s second easiest baby just behind My Helper.
{she was such a laid back baby}
The older Army Brats are big fans and the transition has been really easy….
except for the whole bringing him home to an air mattress  thing.
That’s right, we basically camped out in our house, with a newborn, as I recovered from a c-section, while we waited for our household goods to arrive from Hawaii.

So now I’m back to blogging.
I want to share in details some aspects of this PCS.
I really want to share how we’re settling into our new house and the work it is taking to make it a home.
I want to share any wisdom we’ve gleaned through this process.
And most of all, I want to share our new Southern adventures with you because this place is charming and quirky and totally unique.