7 years

That’s the date I married My Soldier.
He wasn’t a soldier then.
He was just the boy who stole my ♥.

Today is our 7th anniversary.

7 years ago I put on this dress…

and took a few pictures…

and saw this boy for the first time…

and he took me for a walk…

and told me for the thousandth time that he wanted to keep me…

and all the people we loved showed up here…

and these peeps stood next to us…

when we said,
“Till Christ returns or death parts us…”

and then we kissed!
{probably a little inappropriately but we didn’t care}

And it was official!

Then we ate and danced and enjoyed the best night of our lives.
By God’s grace it’s only gotten better.
So today I’m very grateful, because today is the anniversary of the day where a boy {who would later become a soldier} became Mine.
And 3,5 years later he became My Soldier.

(photos by the super awesome Jose Villa)

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  1. Christian
    09.27.2012 at 12:42

    Congratulations! but you forgot to include a picture of the unbelievable musicians who played during the cermony! :)

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