from house to home

the southern house

I’m the type of girl who sets roots.
I’d prefer to set them deep.
{i’d also prefer to set those roots in the pacific northwest…but that’s neither here nor there}
I want to buy an old craftsman cottage in a major city and fix it up.
If I spun that dream out a bit it would involve years of pouring sweat equity in the place.
Oh what a lovely home that could be.

Even if there is no craftsman home in my future I still believe that a house should be settled into over time.
Preferably a  long time.
I throw decorating into that mix as well.
I’d prefer to decorate over a few years.
{i was constantly adjusting the decor of the island house up until i found out we’d be pcs-ing}
Instead of my house looking like a model home, I’d like it to look like a collection of my families shared adventures.
I want every piece in the house to be something that I love.
I really don’t want it to look like the home decor section of Target vomited all over my living room.

Here’s the problem with those lofty dreams of mine:
I am an Army wife.
As an Army wife I get to pick up and move every 2-3 years.
Hopefully all that moving leads us around the world.
Either way, it leaves very little time to lay roots.
It leaves zero time to buy a old run down house and fix it up.
And it always makes decorating really difficult.

We’ll be in our current Army issue house for the next 18 months – 2 years.
I’ve dubbed this house The Southern House and so it shall be named.
Right now I feel the rub of wanting my rooms to develop organically over time versus the knowledge that 18 months is a really short time frame to squeeze an “over time” philosophy into.

We’ve been in The Southern House for 2 months and 4 days.
{we moved into the southern house 3 days before the peanut was born so it’s easy to date}
Today was the first day that a single photo was hung on the walls.
They’ve been stacked, along with the rest of our art, in the dining room.
After staring at blank, beige, Army issue walls for a couple of months, inspiration is just now striking me on where things should go.
Since I have a ‘Make Do and Mend’ philosophy all of our existing furniture keeps getting shifted around the house to better suited locations.
I’m not opposed to buying new furniture, but it’s rare that I do.
We just bought two new bookcases out of sheer desperation because we lost all of our book storage with The Island House.

Sadly there will likely not be stunning before an after pictures.
I typically am too impulsive, striking while the iron is hot, to take before pictures.
This is the best I’ve got.
They are loverly iPhone photos taken after 5 hours on the road and a shocking OB visit.
{basically i wasn’t in the mood to bust out the canon}


dining room

living room

master bath looking into the gianormous walk-in closet

I just finished up a major statement piece for the wall above our sofa.
It was the catalyst for today’s decorating spree.
I’ll post photos of it tomorrow and share the process a bit as well.