my favorite baby gear

Which ever company first capitalized on paranoid first time mothers has likely made billions.
Seriously, there are entire stores filled with stuff you need for the 1st 2 years of life alone.
{shaking my head}

I am kind of thankful that we’ve been either too poor or too seasoned to fall victim to the madness.
When we found out we were pregnant with The Peanut we actually got rid of more stuff than we purchased.
After evaluating our laid-back parenting style we realized that we just don’t use a lot of baby stuff.
The few things we do use we totally LOVE!
So I figured I’d give you the run down on my favorites…

This is my diaper bag.
I ♥ my diaper bag.
It’s bright yellow.
It’s a Society Satchel from the Cake line by Petunia Pickle Bottom.
This pattern has been discontinued but I purchased it during one of their online outlet sales.
It was a second which means that it has a production error on it somewhere although I have yet to find it.
It was half off and new so I was excited about it.

Aden & Anais produce my favorite swaddling blankets made from a super breathable muslin.
We probably have a collection of 10 of them, that is how much we love them.
Sometime in between the births of The Cadet and The Peanut they started making blankets from bamboo.
{yes, i bought the white ones}
Lord have mercy are these soft and crazy easy to get a secure super snuggly swaddle.

Since we’re already talking blankets, this Shi Shu blanket is one I really love.
It’s woven bamboo and cotton and is uber soft and has a silky feel to it.
I bought this on GILT and I’m pretty sure it was 50% off when I bought it.

I’m the lame mom who buys white blankets.
{don’t judge me}
I’m 3 kids deep and this is my 2nd kid with awful reflux and I value the ability to bleach things.
This is an Aden & Anais Dream Blanket and it is loverly.
Instead of 1 layer muslin is has 4!
It’s perfect to layout on the floor for tummy time or playing.
The 4 layers gives it a bit of cushion which I like.

Yes I cloth diaper.
I love it.
The Peanut is the 3rd baby I will have cloth-diapered and I am super stoked about it.
{no joke, i love cloth diapering}
Expressing my love for cloth diapers can be saved for another post but these are my favorite diapers by far!
They are Rumparooz and of all the cloth diapering systems I’ve tried, which is a lot, they are by far my favorite.

With my disdain for laundry, having a kid who spits up large quantities of liquid is a real test of my sanctification.
Sheet Savers cut down on that laundry a bit.
{but not by much, the peanut produces a load of laundry by himself every other day}

We had a Fisher Price baby swing with the older Army Brats.
We loved it because they loved it.
We willingly invested in countless D batteries to keep it running.
After The Cadet grew out of the original swing we gave it away choosing to not lug it across the Pacific.
Well Fisher Price came out with a new version that PLUGS IN!
You can’t imagine the joy when we received it and discovered that it wasn’t battery powered.

Honestly The Peanut chills in just a diaper 75% of the time.
Thankfully it’s hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell here in Bama so he’s not cold.
When we do choose to clothe him he can go through about 4-6 onesies in a day from the amount that he spits up.
{i wasn’t joking about a load of laundry every other day}
He has a lot of hand-me-downs from The Cadet and we bought him a few new short-sleeved onesies since he was born in the dead heat of a Southern summer.
I love kimono style onesies because they are super easy to get on and off.
Gap makes some great ones called the Favorite V-Neck Bodysuit.
They don’t have the short-sleeved ones right now but they have some awesome long-sleeved ones.

That’s the list.
The only thing that is not on there is my ring sling which I sewed myself and ♥ a lot.
I’ll show it off soon.
{surprise! it’s gray linen!}

  3 comments for “my favorite baby gear

  1. Jen Green
    09.18.2012 at 10:21

    Loved this post!!! LOVE YOUR BAG! I would invest in a cake bag if this was baby #1 for us but alas after 3 and this being 4 I’m gonna just make due with my JuJuBe Be Prepared which i love. It’s big enough to cloth diaper all my kids (thank God they aren’t all in diapers). I’m looking into the muslin blankets…would you really recommend 10? Oh and a swing that you can plug in? Amazing!!! Your swing history is like ours…we swear by it and love it but got rid of if when we moved from FL (ha…didn’t know we’d get the positive sign on the old pregnancy test 6 weeks later…but now I can find one that plugs in!) I too have tried many diapering systems but don’t know if I want to try another, even if Rumparooz is the best I’ll just save time and money and stick with what I’m using.
    You know if we still lived in FL I’d drive the 90 minutes to see you and meet your sweet family. I’m sure our kiddos would have fun together.
    Has anyone told you that you should receive a special award for recovering from a C-section during a PCS and sleeping on an air mattress?

    • 09.18.2012 at 10:48

      Jen, we only have 10 swaddling blankets because baby boy will soak 3-5 a day from large quantities of spit up. Unless you’ve got a kid with bad reflux a pack of 3-4 is totally sufficient. I bought a few new diapers because we had some that were totally shot. The bulk of my cloth diapers I’m using were used with the older two. I’m more than a little bummed that Sam separated and you guys moved right before we got down here. I’m sure I’d be piling kids in the car to come towards you in FL because Alabama doesn’t have much to offer.

  2. Jen Green
    09.19.2012 at 09:23

    LOL – You are one of the few who would understand when I say “we separated.” When strangers hear me say that they usually ask how long we’ve been married…ha!! NOT SEPARATED from eacother…just that other family member called the Navy! Actually we’re only separated…and not offically divorced…he joined the reserves :-)

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