on mothering my 3rd

the peanut and i in the hospital

The Peanut will be 2 months old tomorrow.
I feel like I should get his newborn photos up here on the ol bligity blog before he’s headed to kindergarten.

hi baby

Everyone warned me of the chaos and work that is adding a 3rd child.
They warned of multiple siblings lashing out and struggling to adjust.
They warned me of how detrimental sleepless nights are when you have 2 other kids still dependent upon you for care.
Honestly, other than Annie, no one was very positive about it all.
Thankfully, that hasn’t been our experience.
And I know I’m just asking for retorts.
{i’m ridiculously good at refuting retorts though}
I get the, ‘Just wait…, or  Newborns are easy…, and It’ll will all hit the fan in time…’ comments.
And I smile and nod and try not to belittle their existence.
But here’s the thing:
I don’t think that will ever be our experience.

There are a number of reasons I think this;
my kids don’t really stress me out,
there isn’t a Type A bone in my body,
we thrive in chaos,
and we trust in God’s provision.

Seriously, I brought The Peanut home to a mattress on the floor with zero friends, family, or church body for assistance and it was totally fine.
Believe me, I’m not saying that out of pride.
I’m saying that out of confidence in God ordering our steps through this whole PCS and that included the birth of The Peanut.

Honestly, the timing proved to be a blessing.
There was no horrible adjustment phase for My Helper and The Cadet, likely because there was no disruption to an established routine.
By the time The Peanut arrived we had just adjusted to My Soldier returning from Afghanistan and had been nomadic for more than a month.

So our new normal has been pretty blissfully sweet.
We’ve been able to adjust to Alabama as a family of 5 right out of the gate.

The Peanut himself is very alert, slightly demanding, and a little crafty.
Most of the time he’s totally content but he definitely makes it known when he is hungry, wet, or wants to be held.
Through powers of newborn coercion he typically gets us to hold him through at least one nap a day, typically in the evening.
{i told you he was a little crafty}
My favorite thing? He “communicates” largely through grunts and horse noises.

My Soldier took the photos above in the hospital.
Here are some of the shots I took from the newborn session we did when he was a week old.

he’s still a little jaundiced here

terribly out of focus but i wanted you to see his dimples

a baby in a box
one of the many things that we “unpacked”