inspiration and completion

It’s one of those days where I wish I was Type A.
I look around the room and see project after project in various states of completion.
In my head Type A people don’t struggle with this.

That belief stems largely from my knowledge that Type A people can’t go to bed without finishing the dishes.
I don’t think twice about finishing the dishes first thing in the morning.
{that’s after my 1st cup of coffee of course}
I promise that whether or not you are able to sleep without doing the dishes is totally relevant to every other area in the Home Ec world.
I also believe that if you and your spouse don’t have the same dishes-before-sleep philosophy it will at some point in time be a source of marital contention.

My sink is currently filled with dishes.

The dishes aren’t the only thing currently left undone.
I’m currently plagued by several unfinished sewing projects.
Including but not limited to:
a pattern that I am testing for a friend that needs batting;
a quilt for The Minimalist’s Baby H that needs to be basted and quilted;
I have a dress for My Helper that needs button-holes, buttons, and a hem;
and several sewing projects for myself that I want to start but won’t because I’m only 3 months postpartum and still dropping weight.

Am I the only person who can’t seem to finish anything?
I can’t be the only person who gets a bolt of inspiration mid-project A and suddenly has begun project B.
Sadly all it does is make my To Do list less manageable.

I’m off to attempt to accomplish something.
It should probably be eating lunch since it’s 2pm and I have yet to do that.

  2 comments for “inspiration and completion

  1. katie anaya
    10.7.2012 at 16:03

    megan!!! this is me! you are not alone my friend. not alone…

  2. Meredith
    10.12.2012 at 11:22

    Definitely not alone … I’ve had projects on my list for YEARS! Bring the dress that needs button holes to my house in Nov!

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