my plate wall

You know how your house doesn’t quite feel like a home until certain decorations are put up?
For some people that’s curtains.
{not so much for me, after all i’m still in my 20’s and thus curtains rank low on the priority list}
For me, it’s my plate wall.

my plate wall in the island house

I’ve had a wall-o-plates in every residence we’ve lived in.
I’ll even be bold enough to say that I had plates hanging on my wall years before it was every other pin on Pinterest.
{i know, how hipster of me}
And let’s be honest, grannys have been rocking the plate wall for decades.
[Granny = trendsetter]
Honestly, I just like pretty dishware.
But having a full set of trendy dishes from Anthropologie is both $$$ and impractical.
So I buy a random dish here and there when they are on clearance.

 A few weeks ago I hung my plates on a kitchen wall in The Southern House.
I thought I’d share the process since I hang them in a non-traditional way.

You start with a collection of cute plates.
Mine are mostly from Anthro but there’s one that was handmade by a dear friend, a couple from TJ Maxx, and the clock is from Etsy.

my most recent plate
$6 from anthro

You also need Invisible English Plate Hangers which I found on Amazon.
 I know that traditional plate hangers with the springs and hooks are easier to use, but I prefer the invisible look of these plate hangers.

Meticulously follow the instructions that come with the hangers.
It takes some finesse to get a secure hold, but once you do it’s ridiculously strong.
If your plate has a design element on the front that needs to be level, you’ll want to take that into consideration when you are applying the disc to the back.

::Forgive the iPhone photo::

After the hangers have had a good 24 hours to cure you can start arranging them.
Here I have all of my plates laid out trying to find the best design.
The trixy part is transferring that arrangement to the wall since the plates are all different sizes and the hangers are in different spots on each plate depending on how big of a lip the plate has.
There is more than a little trial and error involved in hanging them (read your wall might end up with extra holes) especially if you like your plates touching like I do.

And here’s the finished product!
That is the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.
I like that I get to look at it while I’m prepping dinner.

I hope that was helpful.