kelly skirt in nani iro

A few months ago I got pretty frustrated with this post-baby body of mine.
{pretty sure every female who has had a child or 3 has been there}
Still loosing rapid weight, but hadn’t plateaued yet.
Definitely a good problem to have except that the wardrobe that I ♥ so much was all too big.
This meant that eventually I could buy smaller clothing but since I was still loosing over a pound a week that shopping spree was a ways off.
So logically I sewed something.

This is my most favorite pattern sewn in my most favorite fabric.

Nani Iro Kelly Skirt
It’s the Kelly Skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen.
It’s a dream.
{a dream i tell ya}
I sewed it in Nani Iro’s Painting Muji which is a lightweight canvas.
I loooove this fabric.
There is actually a panel of it hanging on my bedroom wall.
I hoarded it for the duration of my pregnancy saving it for this very project.

Close Up Kelly Skirt

The pattern is totally sewable exactly as drafted and written.
It’s actually the second Megan Nielsen pattern I’ve sewn if you recall the Darling Ranges maternity dress I sewed last year.
The only changes I made were to use gathers instead of pleats, make the raw selvedge edge the hem, and to make the waistband and placket a bit wider to accommodate the larger buttons.
The reason I went with gathers instead of pleats is because the pleats weren’t very flattering on the post-baby-belly squishiness.

When I say I love this pattern, I’m not exaggerating.
The Nani Iro version was the 3rd version I had sewn in the span of 3 days.

Version 1 was made in a lovely chambray.
(pardon the instagram photo)

chambray kelly skirt

Version 2 was made in a rayon challis.
(and  again with the instagram photo in my dirty bathroom nonetheless)


The only changes I made on these two was to do gathers instead of pleats.
I also used fusible interfacing along the placket of the rayon challis version because it needed the added stability for the buttons.

I hope you like them.
I sure do.
And if you sew at all I HIGHLY encourage you to try Megan Nielsen’s patterns because they are just that lovely.

I hope you have a happy Tuesday.
We are hunkered down at home on this gray and rainy day.
My Helper has a stomach bug so we are catering to that with lots of couch time.

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  1. 02.20.2013 at 08:22

    Ohhhhh…. this is sooooo nice!!! I want this fabric so much. I don’t think I can get it in the UK though :( So I’ll just have to admire your amazing skirt from afar!

  2. 02.20.2013 at 13:07

    love you. wish i sewed.

  3. 02.21.2013 at 14:09

    I totally want to sew this skirt or a pencil skirt something a ruther one of these days!! This one is super cute!

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