my pegboard window

Let’s get real for a second.
My house is rarely clean.
Certain areas of my home might be clean at any given moment but rarely is the entire thing clean.
Case in point:

This was my sewing closet a couple of weeks ago.
Sadly this is part of our bedroom.
{obviously I missed the Martha Stewart issue about the bedroom being a sanctuary}
I could easily blame it on the holidays, or the fact that I was the wedding coordinator for my brother-in-law The Hot Shot who got married at the end of December, or that The Cadet was diagnosed with The Diabeetus and spent a week in the hospital….etc.
but it probably would have ended up this way regardless.

I realize that I do MUCH better at keeping The Southern House clean and void of clutter when there is a place for everything
{even if everything is not often in it’s place}
so with that in mind I tackled organizing my sewing area.

I purged, and purged {and purged some more} and then folded heaps of fabric all so I could reward myself with a trip to Lowe’s!!

That nice man is cutting a discounted piece of pegboard for us.
It was $9 because Jesus loves us.

I also got to hit the antique mall because My Soldier loves me.
$25 later I came home with a loverly vintage window.

Here is the before:
{because it’s some unwritten code of the blogoshpere to have a before picture}


3 hours of indentured servitude was provided by My Soldier who smashed all the glass out of the window and then meticulously cut individual panes of pegboard to fit each of the frames.
{i ♥ him}
And here is the after:

It’s mounted above Betty and holds all of the various things I frequently am reaching for while sewing.
There is even a tiny little shelf that is perfectly sized for my 2nd-7th cups of coffee I tend to consume while sewing.
The whole project came to around $40 with the damaged pegboard, the window, and the pegboard hooks.
I hope you like it.
I sure do.
So much so that I might stare at it for prolonged periods of time.
{i realize that’s not normal}


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