the diabeetus and how it’s going

InstaxThe Cadet celebrating his first 100 blood glucose reading with a couple of Polaroids!

It’s been 2.5 months since The Cadet was hospitalized and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.
Two months in and it seems old hat.
Something about being asked to keep your child alive forces you get a good grasp on the care plan REAL quick.
All of the ill effects of of his Diabetic Ketoacidosis have resolved themselves.
He’s gained back the weight and energy and is back to being a rambunctious little guy.
He’s not the biggest fan of diabetes but he’s so laid back and go with the flow that he has adjusted better than My Soldier and me.

About a month ago I had TOTAL diabetic parent burnout.
{not sure that’s a real thing but let’s go with it}
It’s a lot of work to keep up with involving a lot of math (so not my strong point}, endlessly checking blood sugar, giving shots, and worrying about what his blood sugar levels are doing.
It’s no less work, but I’ve adjusted to it at this point and we just keep trucking on.

I’ve never worried much as a parent.
I am actually probably laid back to a fault as evidenced by The Cadet being in full on Diabetic Ketoacidosis before we took him to the ER.
We just kept dismissing the symptoms.
We were at an Army function the other night and sat across from a lady who has Type 2 Diabetes.
She was asking about his diagnosis and she offers up,
“Wow! You’re lucky he didn’t die!!”
Thanks total stranger!
Why yes, we are lucky he didn’t die.
But don’t think I haven’t thought about it!

The other day at breakfast The Cadet said something profound.
{the kid has some mighty profound thoughts at breakfast}
He said,
“Mama, I will ask God to take away my diabetes.
But if God says, ‘No, I want you to have diabetes’ then that will be ok too.”
And then I cried.
Out of the mouth of babes…sheesh}
He’s the one whose pancreas up and quit.
He’s the one getting stuck with lancets and needles all day and night.
And here I am with my panties in a wad over a bit of math {ok a lot of math} and administering injections that KEEP HIM ALIVE?!?

I’ve had the first part of this written for a while.
Weeks even.
I guess I don’t know quite how to wrap up a post on our friend Diabeetus.
There is no “wrapping up” something that is as essential to his life as breathing.
My feelings are far from wrapped-up either.
I also don’t know what to share in this space because it’s not just my story, it’s not just my battle, and it’s not just my victories.
On the other side, not sharing about The Cadet’s diabetes is preventing me from sharing anything else in this space.
So I guess that leaves me at a bit of an impasse?
I’m going to hit Publish before I leave it undecided for 2 more weeks.

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  1. anniegroves
    03.27.2013 at 01:21

    thanks for posting this Megs. you’ve got quite a little guy there.

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