on finally figuring myself out

Just over a month ago I had one of those rare light bulb moments that ends up being life-altering.
I figured out that I am in fact an introvert.

I’m assuming most people are fully aware if they are introverts or extroverts.
My Soldier is a text book introvert.
That man lives in his head.
Outwardly, My Soldier and I have completely opposite personalities.
I just assumed I was an extrovert because he wasn’t.
I can be boisterous, I LOVE a good party, and I tend to be spontaneous but (and here’s the kicker) I tend to reach a breaking point with people and social situations.
I basically thought I was an extrovert…but just a really awful one.

The light bulb moment occurred when I was reading this post on homeschooling as an introvert.
{and yes, i realize it’s odd that i don’t homeschool but religiously follow homeschool blogs}
It led to me taking this Myers Briggs personality test.
I don’t normally put much stock in this type of stuff but when I was reading the description of my personality type I let out a big sigh of relief.
I finally figured myself out.
{i’m an istp in case you were wondering – and that description is spot on}
And to keep me from sounding like a total idiot, apparently having a seemingly baffling personality is key characteristic to ISTP’s.

And in classic Megan fashion, I then started to study what it means to be an introvert.
Then, I stopped apologizing for being a bad extrovert.
I used to say ‘no’ to lots of social engagements, especially when My Soldier is gone, and I would feel riddled with guilt.
People often express concern with my hermit-esque tendencies which in turn would worry me that I wasn’t worried about not socializing and never feeling particularly lonely.
(not sure that makes sense but go with me here)
Now I embrace the fact that taking a time out from people (including my children) keeps me sane, makes me a better parent, a better friend, and has boosted my productivity.

How has it boosted my productivity; you ask?
Having never considered how my personality affects areas in my life I consequently never thought to play to my strengths or be proactive about my weaknesses.
I spend all day with a wee small gang of terrors known as my children.
I never took breaks from the chaos because isn’t that what naptime was for?
But, by the time naptime arrived I usually would have a mental shutdown and couldn’t get anything done!
And then when I took a survey of our home at the end of the day I would berate myself for being a lazy bum!
It’s not laziness, it’s self-preservation!
Seriously, as of a month ago I now take an intentional break anytime I feel like I’m going to snap.
{snapping tends to lead to me asking people for forgiveness for biting their heads off}
I’ll read or just take a moment to think, and then rejoin life a few minutes later, calmer and more focused.
Trickle down effect?
My house is suddenly cleaner and my children are 100% less annoying.
{and they all said hallelujah}
There are a couple of more contributors to the suddenly cleaner home front but not being a frazzled headcase is the biggest help.
So if you’re one of the few people I haven’t already pestered to take a thorough personality test I highly recommend it.
I made My Soldier take it, he’s an ISTJ, which incidentally is the same as my mother.

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  1. Tash
    04.18.2013 at 15:53

    I took the same test last year and found out that I am also an introvert! I’m an ISFJ/INFJ… apparently I don’t fully fall in on the S or the N. :)

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