sewing a new wardrobe

3 cheers for a 2 month hiatus!
Life happens, my attentions were where they needed to be, I feel absolutely ZERO guilt about that.

So in my absence The Peanut turned 1.
There were carrot cake cupcakes and a 2-day panic from The Cadet’s blood sugar readings being through the roof.
Good times.
Good times.
Next year we will just eat carrots and skip the cake for everyone’s birthdays.

About a month after The Peanut was born I was back at my “normal” weight.
{not sure i like having a normal weight or any other measure or normalcy}
When you vomit your entire pregnancy it’s pretty easy to make friends with your scale after baby arrives.
Since then I’ve lost another 40ish lbs.
This was not intentional, I had no goal, and it wasn’t consciously done.
I have no secret weight loss tips, it just happened.
{although if i could figure out the formula i could be rich}

One of the problems that has arisen from losing weight is that nothing in my wardrobe fit anymore.
I’m sure most women would be ecstatic about this but I was not.
{seriously though, i am still pissed}
I never had a problem with my weight before, I’ve always been pretty confident, and I built myself a wardrobe of pieces I LOVE!
There was a bit of an investment involved too since a large chunk of my wardrobe was culled from the Anthropologie sale racks.

Thankfully, I sew.
{sigh of relief}
Although most of my pants can’t be altered a bunch of the rest of my wardrobe can.
On top of that, I have a loverly pattern collection which I can use to fill the holes.
Enter McCall’s 5884.McCall's 5884
This blouse was super easy to sew!
I found the fabric at Hancock’s and was immediately smitten.
Kind of a shock since 99.9% of my wardrobe consists of ivory, black, gray, and navy items.
Not so much vibrant yellow.
But what can I say?
It was sweet penguin love that called to me!

Sweet Penguin Love

I had cut the fabric from the smallest size in the pattern’s size range, but alas, it was still too large.
2 months after I originally sewed it up I took it in 1.5″ on each side and finished it with flat-felled/turned under seams.
McCall's 5884

I had a recent fashion epiphany and discovered the pure perfection that is the black skinny jean.
{and they all said “amen”}
Seriously, somehow I missed the memo on the universal goodness that are black skinny jeans.
I blame the entire state of Hawaii.
A wardrobe staple that slims, goes with everything, can be dressed up or down, keeps me from mom-frump, and hides stains from gross Army Brats?
Sign me up.
I wear them almost everyday.
And yes, they match my penguin blouse.

McCall's 5884

I’m off to hunt down some homeschool curriculum because we are officially that family.
More on that later!

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  1. Christie Kosatka
    07.31.2013 at 01:38

    Hi Megan! You look great! I’m glad that you and the kids are doing well. I didn’t know about the Type 1 diabetes; I guess y’all are managing okay. We miss you over here in Hawaii. :)

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