the decision to homeschool

homeschool begins
As of tomorrow I get to add homeschooling to the long lists of things I don’t excel at.
My Helper will return to her Primary School for 1st grade and The Cadet will be shackled to that lovely vintage desk to learn the 3R’s.
{there won’t really be shackles but it would be easier if there were}

I don’t feel I need to justify our decision to anyone in this space but I will offer some insight into why we are homeschooling The Cadet in case you’re either grossly curious, debating this option for your own family, or bored.
If you have strong anti-homeschooling notions and are amping yourself up for some guilt-free judgement slinging you can feel to not read this and to click on, click on, keep on clickin’ on.

The long and the short of it is that our local school couldn’t guarantee that they could keep my diabetic child out of a coma.
It’s not that cut and dry but that was really the deciding factor.
The school was actually great and willing to do a lot but they weren’t willing to give him any injections which would have required me dragging The Peanut to the school to deal with The Diabeetus in the middle of the school day.
They also weren’t willing to inject the drug Glucagon in case he passed out from low blood sugar.
Huge dislike.
Considering that the above scenario could land him in a coma ala Steel Magnolias we decided it wasn’t worth the risk.
At this point he’s too young to be managing much of his diabetes on his own and we’ve chosen to not put him on an insulin pump for the time being.
Doctors, parents, and child all agree it’s the best move so here we are.

This decision was also not made solely due to medical reasons but I don’t feel like outlining all 76.5 reasons he is staying home to receive his education.
This decision isn’t a declaration that we’ll be homeschooling forever.
For now the best choice is to send My Helper back to the environment she loves {loves!!!} and flourishes in.
When we move in 2014 {don’t ask when or where cause i don’t know and it makes me grumpy} we very well might pull her home as well.
We’ll take it kid by kid, year by year, duty station by duty station.