The Dining Room in the Southern House

Dining Room
Here it is!
The dining room here in The Southern House.
Although it’s our dining room we tend to use it more for school, My Soldier studying, sewing projects, coloring, and setting stuff down and not touching it for weeks.
{totally had to move piles of flight school paraphernalia off of the table to take these photos}
We do very little dining here as we tend to eat in the kitchen where all the surfaces are wipeable. {not a word}
I’m on my third kid and wipeability {totally not a word} increases value.

dining room

Here is where we started a year ago.

I love this room.
I put a lot of thought into it because it’s definitely the focal point of this house.
Regardless of where you are in any of the shared spaces in this house you’re pretty much always staring at the dining room.
The above photos were taken from the living room.

Dining Room
This is the view from the kitchen.
And yes, I totally put an ivory rug on beige carpet which happens to be the exact same color as my beige walls.
Off in the distance there you see a peek through of the gallery wall in the hallway by the front door.

dining room

Idining room
Also from the kitchen.
You can see the bookshelf gifted to us by Mel which is currently stuffed with cookbooks, maps, and binders full of flight school texts.
White binders with Army regulation numbers printed on the spine isn’t exactly a design choice as much as it is necessity.

dining roomSame corner as seen from the living room.
Stacks of homeless books.
{oh so many books}
The baskets are full of table lines and our bibles.
The bottom drawers are full of office supplies and kid’s art supplies.
I once had big plans for painting this shelf but I have yet to do anything with it 2 years later.

dining roomGuess what?!?
I have learned how to keep plants alive!!
{and they all said hallelu-yer}
And thus the new mantra is:
Put a Plant On It!

Dining RoomThis is the school corner.
The Cadet sits there and does his work.
The Peanut stands by and screams at him while he does said work.
The Mama drinks coffee and turns the record player up louder.
And on the cycle goes.

I used a vintage pants hanger above his desk to display Instagram photos.

dining room
This is the view from the living room peeking through to the kitchen.

dining room
Some of my favorite things are on display here, the largest of which is that painting by my friend Scott of Notre Dame.
A vintage globe, a drum from Uganda, a vintage fan, our collection of rocks from all over the world, the giant carboy on the floor there which has collected spare change the whole of my life…all things that make me smile.
That locker unit is the first piece of furniture My Soldier and I purchased 8 years ago right before we got married.
It’s from Ikea and I’m pretty sure they still sell it.
It houses all of our homeschool materials which get locked away when we are done so they aren’t constantly screaming at me.

Dining Room
You couldn’t really see the curtains in the previous photos which is why I took this one.
I patched together white and ivory muslin to create floor to ceiling curtain panels.
It gives the loveliest texture when the light filters through them.
That window stares directly at the house across the street which is a duplicate of this house.
{such is the nature of army living, from the uniforms to the houses, everything blends in}
As such, I wanted curtains that wouldn’t block the light since they are pulled shut quite frequently.

I hope you enjoyed the space!
I have lofty dreams of entertaining here but dinner parties have been few and far between since moving south.
We enjoy it though and I’m glad I can at least share it with the whole of the blogoshpere!

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  1. Bethany
    08.15.2013 at 14:40

    Megs, your home looks lovely! You have such a great design eye and seeing this makes me miss you and wish I could be there to enjoy your Army loving house with you all. :)

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