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I read…A LOT.
Especially when I’m stressed.
I spent the last half of September stressed (and the first half of October for that matter)  so I read even more than I usually would.
I thought I’d give you a list of what I’m currently reading and what I’ve plowed through recently.

Currently reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
Insurgent is a followup to Divergent which I finished in 2 days this weekend because I’m ridiculous and a total sucker for a good dystopian young adult series.
{don’t judge me}
Super easy read and totally addicting.
Totally stopped writing this post to neglect the entire world and finish this book because the last book in the series comes out tomorrow.

Just before I started my young adult fiction binge I had finished Daring Greatly by Dr. Brene Brown.
daring greatlyWOW.
Yup. All caps.
I loved this book and it was crazy challenging.
It’s about vulnerability.
Nuf said.
Actually I have zero problem with vulnerability with the 4 people in my life I actually let-in close enough to be vulnerable with.
As a Christian I don’t agree with all the underlying reasons for vulnerability found in the book, but in light of the Gospel the challenge to be more vulnerable is that much more compelling.

In a completely different category is The Entitlement Trap by Richard and Linda Eyre.
Entitlement TrapI actually read this book several months ago.
It was a jumping off point for My Soldier and I as we solidified our standing as mean parents.
We had been pretty fed up with our tiny little consumers who felt very entitled to ALL THE THINGS and were pretty crappy stewards of the stuff they already owned.
So, in the last six months we have slowly established a family economy as Eyre calls it.
It’s not precisely implemented as Eyre prescribes it, and I can elaborate later, but the results are PHENOMENAL.
Now my kids do chores they aren’t paid for, do jobs around the house that they earn money for, and buy ALL of their own toys outside of birthdays and Christmas.
{and the parents said hallelujah}
We can go to stores and they do not asks for a thing, if they do we remind them that they earn there own money and they can save for it and buy it with their own cash.
No whining. No complaining.
We thank Jesus for what we do have and treat it well because Mama and Papa won’t replace it if it breaks.
{i told you we are mean parents}

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.
Chronicles of NarniaThe Cadet and I are currently reading through The Chronicles of Narnia which has been a delight.
Homeschooling has it’s perks, like picking reading material that has been on your To Read list for an eternity and chalking it up to education for the punk kid who likes a good epic battle.
We didn’t actually own the whole series so we picked up this pretty leather-bound edition at Barnes and Noble.

So that’s us what keeps me glued to my Kindle at every spare moment of time.
Those are all direct links because I’m not cool enough for affiliate links and probably wouldn’t use affiliate links even if I was that cool.


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  1. Kieran
    10.28.2013 at 21:56

    ooo thanks for the recommendation…I, also, am a sucker for dystopian YA fiction. Have you read Delirium by Lauren Oliver?

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