A Baby Quilt for the Third Kid

Raw Edge Circle Quilt
We have this pervasive saying in our household, “Third kid.”
Always applied to The Peanut when we acknowledge that he is getting the shaft in ways his older siblings never experienced.
Pretty sure I only spoon fed The Peanut for about a month.
I gave up that pursuit the day he figured out how to suck baby food out of those organic baby food pouches.
We pretend it’s more efficient, but really he’s just the…
Third Kid.
{also known as lazy parenting}
Case in point, The Helper’s baby quilt was finished 3 months before she arrived.
The Cadet’s quilt fell a bit by the wayside and wasn’t completed till he was 4 months old.
And poor Peanut, I didn’t finish his quilt till he was 16 months old!
{wahh, wahh}
Third Kid.

 Raw Edge Circle Quilt Top

I used Cluck Cluck Sew’s Raw Edge Circle Quilt pattern and fabric from Parson Gray’s Curious Nature line.
I really loved that the raw edges create such great texture to the quilt top.
It’s been washed several times by now, and the top is so crazy soft.

 Raw Edge Baby Quilt – Close Up

It’s backed with black polka dot minky fabric {which I despise sewing with} but it is oh so very soft.
The Cadet’s quilt is also backed with minky and he calls his quilt his ‘soft blankie,’ which makes me gush, so of course I backed The Peanut’s quilt with minky!
{i mean, how could i not?}

 Raw Edge Quilt Folded

I stitched in the ditch for the quilting because it was quick and easy, and the dang thing had already taken me 25 months to produce.
(in case you’re not tracking that math, I had 9 months of growing the peanut in addition to his 16 months of his life outside the womb)
I actually managed to sew 9 quilts for children whom I did not personally gestate in the time frame when I should have been showing my love to my own child via meticulous handicrafts.
Third Kid.

So while we hang our heads in shame for our pathetic parenting neglect of our dear Third Kid, we take solace in the fact that 16 years from now that “neglect” will likely look like much later curfews than his siblings, and hopefully he will rise up and rejoice that he is in fact the Third Kid!

:::disclaimer, all of his real needs are actually met, but the natural progression from uptight first time parents to relaxed third time parents has resulted in some sad comparisons on non-essential issues like quilt production and the presence of plastic toys in the home:::