My {almost} Fitness with Barre3

barre3 plank

embarrassing photo of myself doing a plank during a barre3 online workout

If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be singing the praises of a fitness routine I would have {silently} mocked you.
But here I am, telling every mama I can find that they should try Barre3 online workouts.
And here is why…

There have been 2 {and only 2!} positives to come from my horrific pregnancies.
Obviously, I get a baby {to keep!} and in a much much diminished second place I lose a bunch of weight.
I’m not great at numbers, but I’ve lost 10-20lbs as compared to my start weight with each pregnancy.
{9ish months of involuntary daily vomiting will do that to ya}
It’s not my preferred method of weight-loss, not that I’ve tried any other methods, but it has worked.

This last time around, I pretty much knew that The Peanut’s pregnancy would be the last.
Previously I had not put much consideration towards my weight, because I wasn’t seriously overweight, I like food, I don’t like exercise, and I knew there would be another pregnancy.
I decided that once my post baby weight-loss tapered out, I would try and maintain my new weight, whatever it may be.
{read, there was never a goal weight}
It was never a vanity thing, it’s always been a health thing.
{i’ve actually been waaaay more self-concious at my current weight than I ever had been 20lbs ago}
Since we already eat pretty healthy, {and i am unwilling to give up pie} adding some element of exercise was the only change I was willing make.

So the search was on, and the criteria was rough.
I don’t like to sweat.
I don’t like to feel like I am exercising.
Going to a gym wasn’t an option {read i have 3 kids and hardly see my soldier as is}
It must not involve running or vigorous cardio.

I tried Zumba DVDs which were a failure.
I like to dance, a lot, but pausing a cardio dance workout to find a pacifier or check The Cadet’s blood sugar totally killed all momentum and flow.
Then I discovered Barre3.
{and there was a collective sigh}

I loved it.
It’s a blend of barre method (like ballet barre), pilates, and yoga.
It’s a serious workout but you’re not left dripping in sweat.
I spend $15 a month for access to their entire video library which I can access on my iPad.
The workouts are splint into sections based on how much time you have available for a workout.
I rarely have more than 30 minutes and often can only squeeze in a 10 minute workout here and there.

And it works.
I’ve kept my weight stable.
I just feel like my health overall is in a better place.
By no means am I toned, I don’t put enough consistent effort in to be toned.
{i’m still pretty squishy around the middle which i can totally blame on my crazy cute babes}
I don’t workout daily, it’s probably a few times a week, but considering I did nearly nothing in the workout department for like 6  years, I figured I’m totally winning.

If you have any questions totally shoot me a line.
I’m not an expert but I’ve been using their workouts for 9ish months now and I LOVE it.

:::FYI Barre3 doesn’t know I exist {other than the fact that they charge me $15 on the 1st of every month}, so the opinions, praise, and self-flagellation are uniquely my own:::

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  1. anniegroves
    01.30.2014 at 17:36

    um. and maybe we could do some of this ish together when you get here? i’m totally interested.

    • 01.30.2014 at 20:44

      done. although i hate working out around/with people because i’m not motivated enough and i tend to be demotivated by other people…i can almost guarantee that we’d just end up having coffee and chatting.

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