Going Home?


In God’s infinite kindness, the Army let us know (very early) that we will {ok might, in the army it’s always might} be moving back to Hawaii come May.

Being the realist that I am, the excitement will come when I am settling us into and decorating The Island House part deux.
Thankfully everyone I know has outwardly expressed the joy that will come to me when we’re finally on the other side of months of hotel and suitcase living.
Being the planner that I am, right now all I see is the endless To Do list, which currently is 4 pages long and taking up it’s own section of my planner.

The move back to Hawaii also has me a little cautious {it’s all too good to be true}, we’re definitely challenging some Army statistics and certainly stereotypes and norms, because it feels like we are going home.
Home, that elusive word that doesn’t really exist for Army families.
There’s an element of stability being offered to us that is not supposed to be there, and my honest response to everyone who asks is, ‘It’s a God thing.’
Something we didn’t even think to ask for and certainly weren’t anticipating.
{makes me wonder what yielding might look like or require}
Like everything God places before us (good and bad) we’ll embrace our second season in Hawaii, and allow it to grow and mold us.
And just like every season’s end, we’ll look back, see God’s perfect provision with that uncanny 20/20 aspect of hindsight and give praise where praise is due.

For now I’ll continue to purge our vast amount of stuff, and ready our home for pack out, in a way that I have twice now been hindered from doing.
We’ll buy furniture and antiques, and other oddities that either aren’t available or are cost prohibitive on a tiny Pacific island, and eat LOTS of Mexican food!
We’ll also seek to remain present here in Alabama when it would be easier to check out.

Enjoy your Wednesday!