Homeschooling {6 months in}

Homeschooling – 6 months in

So here we are, half-way through the school year and totally resigned to the fact that we are now that family.
The one who homeschools their kids, and they might turn out totally awkward as a result.
{le sigh}
I don’t think I love it, I don’t love sending My Helper to the primary school either, but I don’t hate it, nor do I dislike it, and it doesn’t wear me out.
{that’s considered winning, right?}
If the opinion of the interwebs rings true {haha…truth on the internet} then I’m supposed to be totally burned out on homeschooling right now, wanting to pull my hair out and ship my kid off to boarding school.
But I’m not, thank the Lord, and I don’t know that it’s in my personality to get burnt out.
We trudge forward because The Cadet needs an education, I put effort in because he needs a great education, and I give myself a lot of grace because that is what Jesus would do.
{please tell me you just had a late 90’s christian culture flashback}

We haven’t had any curriculum changes.
We’re using Math U See, Explode the Code, Bob Readers, Handwriting Without Tears, and The Jesus Storybook Bible.
(and a ton of iPad apps for Mama’s sanity)
It’s kindergarten, not his senior year of high school, so our goals are minimal and the structure has a nice rhythm and flow.
Could I do more? Sure thing.
Will I do more? Next year…and the year after.
Can he read, write and do math? Yup.
So I’m calling this year a success and everything we do from this point until we PCS is icing.

Moving back to Hawaii, we’ve decided that homeschooling will be the best option for My Helper and The Cadet.
So I’ll have a 1st grader and a 2nd grader and so we’re making some serious curriculum changes for next year.
Thankfully I have 7ish months to nail it down, and I’m already pretty resolved on the direction we’ll be going in.
I do know that I’m a crazy classical education lady which means our curriculum will likely look ridiculous and overzealous to the rest of the world.
{and to them i say, who cares?}

Hope that is helpful to any other less-than-zealous-but-resolute-about-homeschooling parents out there!

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  1. 01.21.2014 at 16:38

    This is great! I always tell parents interested in homeschooling that the first two years are the hardest. After that it’s pretty easy (relatively, of course). When I think of how much work it would be to make sure my boys get a good education in the public school system, getting them ready in the morning, packing lunches, PTA, homework, parent teacher meetings, behavior problems (I’ve got one of those!), etc . . . I think I’ve got it pretty good =) I was originally worried about schooling more than one at home (I’m a low energy person, very prone to burn outs) but it worked out well. And the nice thing with homeschooling is that even if you do have a bum year, they’ll still be farther ahead than most public school kids!

    Major kudos to you for taking on this job!

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