My Word for 2014

Tired of resolution posts yet?
Whelp, here’s another!
It’s actually less resolution, more focus driven.
I don’t have issues with resolutions, I actually am not too terrible at keeping resolutions.
{honestly that has more to do with setting low expectations}
I actually set resolutions in 2011 and stuck to them pretty well, in 2012 and 2013 I didn’t even try (2012 was pregnancy, deployment and a move; 2013 started with The Cadet’s diabetes diagnosis, extended family drama, and the start of homeschooling).
So this year, instead of a list of goals to check off, I picked a word to garner some focus to all that 2014 will bring.

Why this year?
This year My Soldier will graduate from Flight School {yay!} and we’ll be PCSing {again} but we won’t know where for another 3ish months.
The when is likely late spring, but the where and the what might that might be associated with the when (potential deployment?) is the stuff anxiety medication commercials are made of.
For someone who likes planning and calm, PCSing years bring a ton of chaos, unknown, and most importantly the end of one season and the beginning of a new season.

Why a word?
{possibly because i’m a weird crunchy tree-hugger who buckles to trends}
Here’s why: I have faults {oh do I have faults and we’ll call them sin} and taking those into account and evaluating our last couple of moves, I realized a word to focus my spiritual life as well as my everyday life might be the catalyst to move forward and do it well.

So my word for 2014 is YIELD.


yield as explored in the visual thesaurus

 I am selfish {you don’t even know} and that selfishness matched with a love of control could make for a firestorm for our year ahead.
This year I hope to yield to Christ, yield to God’s direction for our lives {to include potentially crappy duty stations or immediate deployments}, and to yield my desires to the needs of my family.
In studying the word yield I stumbled upon an amazing definition:
to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation.
So while putting off all of the selfishness and control, and yielding to God and others, I want to actively pursue an attitude of cultivation and hope for a more joyful yield.

Interestingly enough, my word for 2010 was STAND.
I wanted to firmly plant myself in this new (at the time) Army life and embrace what God had for us.
Stand is an antonym for yield and I’m curious how being unyielding in certain areas which has been a source of so much happiness in this Army life will interact with yielding in areas that I can’t change and in relationships where others should come first.
I have yet to find a verse to drive me forward, in 2010 I had a hymn that was the soundtrack to my year.

I totally did not come up with this concept.
I pulled the idea from Ali Edwards’ blog years ago.
There are also many approaches to the Word of the Year concept.
I’m going with a less mystical, name it and claim it approach, and more of a I have crap to deal with (both spiritually and in everyday life) and a single word to focus me is much likelier to produce real change than tackling this hot mess with another approach.

Happy New Years to the 6 of you who read this!
Sorry it’s a week late but punctuality has never been my strongest point.

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  1. 01.6.2014 at 11:01

    LOVE this and will join with you in fighting to yield in the coming year.

  2. 01.12.2014 at 12:39

    yield so far is looking pretty good, eh?

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