Wednesday Wanderings

Happy Wednesday!
I hope you’re all doing well.

We’re still battling the plague.
{less of a biblical plague and more of a medieval plague}
It’s a looong cruel beast that leaves you utterly wrecked with ear, nose, throat and lung ailments.
Not exactly sure what virus has taken us down, but where going on a month with someone consistently sick.

So here I sit hacking up a lung {no worries, i have 2}, drinking coffee, in my 2 sizes too big Anthro sweater that moonlights as a Snuggie, encouraging you to waste time meandering about the interwebs.

You should read this post on arriving from my dear friend Annie.
She and I are very different people and I cherish her for challenging me to be more open, honest, and raw.
If you want an amazing picture of what real life looks like for a mama who loves Jesus, values relationships, strives to live a good story and rarely has “it” all together than read all of her posts on all of the days, forever and ever, amen.

If you have a green thumb and want to make me this wreath out of jade plants, I’d greatly appreciate it.
There is a full tutorial, and seeing as how my thumb is no longer black but still is a long way from being green, I am too terrified to make it myself.

On the Honey-I-Know-You’re-Barely-Survivng-Flight-School-But-Would-You-Still-Do list is this leaning ladder quilt display.
I heart all my quilts, even the beautifully pieced terribly coordinated quilts from my uber-frugal grandma who can’t match fabrics to save her life.
{but she can shoot a coon off her porch in the middle of a phone conversation as she puts you on hold, so that’s something}
I’d love to be able to display the good, the bad and the ugly, and I’m fairly certain that My Soldier would oblige me.
{that’s because he loves me}

As an introvert who right now has ridiculously needy (read tries my patience all the live long day) child, then this post from Jen Hatmaker will make your heart take a sigh of relief.
Jen’s blog has a way of making me feel a little less crazy and a little more ok, not because she justifies my sub-par everything, but because she acknowledges that everyone is sub-par {sin is nothing if not consistent} and Jesus totally uses sub-par to his glory.
And to that we forever say hallelujah!

And since you probably don’t have all the time in the world to read lengthy blog posts on heavy topics or meticulously make projects involving finicky plants and wood glue, there is always my Pinterest boards you can peruse.

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