McCall’s 6553

M6553 FrontShe’s here!
:::said in the style of Liz Lemon impersonating Oprah:::
My dress form is here!
I have christened her Lady Sybil, but I’ll save proper introductions for a later post.

I’ve got a good 12 months worth of garment sewing to share with you that has never been shared because:
a. my personal photographer spends all his time flying helicopters and having light saber battles with army brats; and
b. I loathe being in front of the camera.
{this stems largely from a deeply rooted instinct to make goofy faces and pose like asian tourists anytime a camera is placed before me…which does not a hip fashion photo make}

So starting with the oldest, here is McCall’s 6553!
I ♥ this dress something fierce.
I actually saw this dress on Fashion Star and likely audibly gasped when I saw it.

image {saks 5th ave}

image {saks 5th ave}

And then it won, and I was stoked that I could purchase said audible gasp dress only to discover it was $345!!!
The audible gasp quickly transitioned to the sound of a deflating balloon.
You can imagine my glee when McCall’s released the pattern as part of their Fashion Star line.
There was more audible gasping.

I bought the pattern with the intention of sewing it as a maternity dress while I was pregnant with The Peanut.
{hahaha…sewing while pregnant. i crack myself up}
Fast forward a year and it became the perfect postpartum dress!
Fast forward another year and I’m still wearing and loving this dress to bits.

mccall's 6553 back
The pattern includes a belt which I sewed up but never actually wear.
I tend to wear it with a cute little colored belt to jazz up my grey/navy/black wardrobe.

mccall's 6553
Not sure what’s going on with the front there.
I sewed it from some suspect polyester suiting that actually is crazy comfortable and drapes beautifully.
There is some 14″ of ease built into this pattern, which even with a big drapey style 14″ of ease is ridiculous, so I cute the smallest size and it’s still roomy.

mccall's 6553
Here’s with the belt from the side
There are slits for the belt to slide through, which leaves it draped free in the back.
The belt slits, if you sew as directed leaves a good 2″ of my midriff showing so I sewed that much narrower than directed.
It’s a super easy dress to sew, and I’m excited to sew another version.