Wednesday Wanderings

Happy Wednesday citizens of the blogosphere!
I just realized it’s February.
{am i the only one who stumbles from month to month and only realizes the transition a week in?}
It’s February, The Peanut turned 19 months today, and I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days.
But my taxes are done which surely counts for something.

We’re gearing up for this giant move, so there is much purging of all the things.
In the midst of the chaos and planning the Army Brats and I are abandoning My Solider with his helicopter and skipping off to a week at Disney World with my family.
{he’s got hardknock life on mental repeat, poor guy}
My kids don’t know yet, and won’t probably until we get there.
Our policy of setting ZERO expectations for life’s little (and gianormous) treats makes for happy parental/child relations leading up to said events.
{this is also why we don’t bribe or reward for normal expected everyday behavior}

We plunged through the Snowpacalypse last week which was crazy pathetic this far south but no less crippling to our area.
The weather has kind of sucked since then {thanks Punxsutawney Phil} which has thwarted my plans to photograph all the clothing items I have recently {and not-so-recently} sewn for My Helper and me.
{the not washing of the hair isn’t helping either}

Also, the Blue Team one the Super Bowl this weekend.
(The Cadet has called the Seahawks the Blue Team since he figured out that football was a thing)
This Seattle girl was pretty stoked.
It also gave me an excuse to cook yummy foods and fry things which I do about twice a year.

A few awesome things from around the interwebs:

I want to live here.
Everything about this home forces me to repent of coveting.

If you have a recovering black thumb, like me, this plant watering trick will blow your mind.

Check out the cabinets in this post, they are painted in Avocado Peel by Martha Stewart and I suddenly want to paint every item of furniture I have in that exact color.
{i’m calling it, avocado peel is the new black}

If you’re not in your forever home, {not sure that even computes in my army world} than this tip from my friend (and neighbor) Heather to use wrapping paper as wallpaper will tickle your fancy {and make your walls pretty}.

And since I love every word Annie puts to paper (or is it bandwidth?) you should read her post on her One Little Word for 2014.
Her capacity to think at deeper levels than I {english major vs. business major} means she will likely pull more from this exercise than I will.
I’m already enjoying what God is teaching me through yielding, and let’s be honest when I picked the word I thought we’d be moving somewhere I deem horrific and that yielding would have some obvious difficulties, heading back to Hawaii is veering this down a new path and I’m curious {and a bit terrified} as to what it might hold.

I hope your week has been spectacular and that February hasn’t sneaked up on you the way it sneaked up on me.
{oh how i wish snuck was an actual word, stupid slang}