Essential Oils and Why I Use Them

essential oils

I’m not sure why it always takes me by surprise, but every time I find myself falling in love with a hippie-tree-hugger product I tend to be shocked.
Such was the case with essential oils.
Oh boy I love these tiny overpriced little bottles.
And you probably should too.

Here’s the back story.
While we were packing out at Ft. Rucker, I happened to come down with a ridiculous head cold.
I blame the stress.
My neighbor, who is crazy sweet, and a closeted hippie-tree-hugger as well, asked me if I had taken anything for it.
Nope. Sure hadn’t.
She dragged me to her house and gave me a dixie cup of magic.
{i’m in a super dramatic writing mood apparently}
But seriously, she gave me an couple ounces of water with a few drops each of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint doTerra essential oils.
Then my teetotaler Mormon neighbor told me to throw it back like a shot.
Um, ok.
No joke, my symptoms cleared in minutes.

After experiencing the dixie cup of magic, I did a LOT of research.
Essential oils are destilled from plants, flowers, and trees.
They are called ‘essential’ oils because they are distilled to a concentration that brings out their medicinal qualities.
Each oil has different medicinal and therapeutic qualities.

Shortly after arriving in Hawaii I bit the bullet and purchased doTerra’s Physicians Kit which included a wholesale account.
We’ve been sick a couple of times since we got our oils and they have been SUPER helpful.
I successfully knocked out a bladder infection in a few days with essential oils.
It doesn’t cure all of the things, but it certainly treats the symptoms in a super natural and super effective way.

We’re just starting on our journey so I don’t have a ton to offer.
Obviously I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my advice and run with it.
I’m not a doTerra rep so I can’t even sell you the stuff.
Just thought I’d pass along what has worked for us.

I’m currently on day 8 of this wicked head cold.
It’s been SO nice to have something natural to battle these awful symptoms.
If only there was an oil to remove inner ear pressure caused by sinus congestion.
{i feel like swimming under water}