Simplicity 2245 – Portfolio Tunic

Happy Friday friends!
I hope you have lovely weekend plans.
Today I wanted to show you one of my FAVORITE garments I’ve ever sewn.
It’s Simplicity 2245, the Lisette Portfolio Tunic!
:::It’s Friday so you’ll have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation points:::

Simplicity 2245 Portfolio Tunic
Disclaimer: I bought this pattern right when it came out, long before it became one of those patterns that sell on the black market like the Colombian drug trade.
Lisette does offer a similar version called the Cappuccino Dress with the same lovely dolman sleeves and genius pockets.

It was pretty dreamy to sew.
Unlike most Simplicity patterns, the Lisette patterns don’t have 38″ of ease requiring you to size down to a toddler size.
I actually sewed a size up based on my measurements because the life of a mom requires a bit more ease than the pattern was drafted for.
I sewed it in a dreamy linen blend which has all the look of normal linen and ease of wear, but has just enough polyester to keep you from looking homeless by the end of the day.

Simplicity 2245 Portfolio Tunic
I’m not sure if it is the weight of the fabric, or the fact that I’m lazy and just run my pattern pieces through a serger before I sew them (and thus don’t trim them), but there is something funny happening with the side seams along the hem.
Kind of a Judy Jetson flippy skirt action, but really I just want it to lay straight.
Same serger/no trimming-before-finishing problem with the neckline.
It looks all lumpy and I think it’s because of the serged edges in there.
You can’t win them all…especially if you’re on the lazier side of perfectionism.


I love when my home-sewn garments turn out to be better than any design I could pull from the ready-to-wear racks.
I love adding vintage green buttons to the closure of garments just because I can.
I love, love, love this tunic and a hope you share in a bit of my enthusiasm.