Yielding My Fears

my solider turned aviatorThat Soldier of mine graduate flight school 4 months ago.
Earned his wings and such.
And then came blog silence.
There was some legit busyness, but mostly it was out of fear.

4 more months of not blogging out of fear.
I’m sure most bloggers have fears, fears they feel entitled to, whether they are rational or not.
My fear is that what I share in this space will someday be used against My Soldier in a prisoner of war scenario.

There’s a lot that’s rolled into that.
A lot of it the Army has drilled into us.
And it can’t be a completely unfounded fear if My Soldier has to spend 3 weeks training to survive such scenarios.
But then 4 month blog protests happen and I realize it’s more than that.
It’s just fear.
Just a lack of trust in my God, my creator.

So I’ll yield it.
I’ll yield it and move forward.
Because my God is a big God.
Because all of those iron sharpening people in my life encourage me to.
Because my OPSEC is good and precautions have been taken.
Hopefully yielding my fears will result in being in this tiny space of mine more often.
Because I really do love it here.

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  1. 09.6.2014 at 14:26

    This post came at the perfect time, friend. Thank you. And I’m glad you’re “back”.

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