Hello from my insignificant corner of the interwebs!

I’m Megan and I’m stumbling through this life God put me in hoping to bring him glory.

I’m a twenty something married to a thirty something. He’s not just incredibly handsome & a stellar drummer, he’s a soldier in the US Army. He’s MY Soldier. I’ve got him tied down and committed & so My Soldier he will stay, & an Army wife I will remain.

I happen to have 3 Army BRATs.
The Helper. She’s 7 going on 27. She could run this house better than I can. She talks like an adult, likes to negotiate, and is extremely flexible.
The Cadet. He’s 6. He believes everyday holds an epic battle and foes to vanquish. He thinks destroying things is fun.  And wrestling The Soldier. But mostly destroying things. He is also a Type I diabetic and I chronicle that journey here as well.
The Peanut. He’s 2. He keeps me on my toes and charms me with his smile.

I’m a modern girl cast in the role of a classic housewife. Most of the time I love it!!
We live in Army housing {white walls!} in Hawaii where The Soldier is stationed. I am chronically disorganized and a terrible housekeeper. I’m trying to work on it. I’m a great & intuitive cook {thanks Mom!}, and a decent seamstress, addicted to reading, have a tendency towards laziness {see previous}, and I thrive in chaos.

To sum it all up,
I am a haphazard home manager in a chaotic Army life!
God has placed me here and I am doing my best to embrace it all!

Before you wander too far, be sure to check out my OPSEC page. It is the filter through which I must babble here in the blogosphere.