Make, Do & Mend List

Consider this a syllabus in my ongoing HomeEc education:
{this is the impossible to complete list of things from books and around the interwebs that Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, and Betsy Ross could accomplish}

  • reupholster our vintage chairs
  • make the cute baby kimonos from the Craft Hope book
  • hand piece a hexagon quilt using english paper piecing
  • make bow-tie paper clips from fabric strips ala how about orange
  • make the tulip skirt by jenny of wiksten from stitch magazine winter of ’08
  • make {and or coerce my soldier into making} the bedside book abode from curbly
  • can some jam {preferably blackberry}
  • participate in a CSA {which would require living somewhere where the seasonal produce isn’t limited to various tropical fruits}
  • have 4 more children {not limited to birthing them. totally willing to foster, adopt, or steal my friends kids}
  • sew a quilt for myself
  • sew 12 dresses in a year
  • complete project life for 2011 {loving this so far, up-to-date and almost 1/2 way done with twenty-11}
  • knit a sweater worth wearing {which requires living somewhere that necessitates owning a winter wardrobe}
  • sew the color wheel quilt from last-minute patchwork + quilted gifts with the liberty bundle à la purl soho
  • sew the wiksten tova tunic {update: done! love it! also sewed the tank dress}
  • read a book in one sitting {update: i read the hunger games in 1 sitting. justt the 1st book, not the trilogy}
  • learn to draft my own patterns {flying by the seat of your pants = lots of quality time with a seam ripper}
  • buy a dress form {which requires me to live somewhere other than the middle of the pacific}
  • learn to bake….like actually bake….i’m terrible at baking
  • sew the modern crosses quilt from modern log cabin quilting (cover quilt) {update: done! love it! must make another!}
  • hand crochet the giant doily rug à la ladies and gentlemen from crafting a meaningful home
  • sew quiet time books for my helper and the cadet
  • crochet an afghan {bonus points if i re-learn it from my grandma}
  • take the photographer’s workshop from karen russell
  • sew clothing from japanese pattern books
  • hand sew a cathedral windows quilt
  • sew a camera bag for my canon and my fuji instax
  • make my own soap
  • up-cycle college and concert t-shirts into a man cave quilt
  • learn to service my typewriter and my sewing machine
  • learn photoshop
  • throw 3 themed parties a year
  • make my own vanilla extract
  • line dry our clothes for a summer

I’ll update with my progress and add new items as they pop up.


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